Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Gaddafi's five worst (or most amusing) rambling speeches

It's comic relief time.

Gaddafi's tirade on 22 February was not the first one to make many wonder how he became - or remained - a leader for 42 years.

The list of Gaddafi's top five worst (or most amusing) rambling speeches is very long. But below is a quick list.

1. The clock of madness has struck!

On 22 February 2011, Mu'ammar "Lenin" Gaddafi declared the launch of the people's march on the protestors for taking eastern Libya in less than a week.

Top comment 1: "Lessons learnt from speech: 1) He's got two glasses 2) He's  got two moustaches (one above his mouth, the other below) 3) He's got two cloaks; he wears one and covers himself with the other 4) He's not going to resign because he is not a president 5) He is one son of a crazy woman!"

Top comment 2: "May god extend your life, oh leader, we are with you, oh leader."

2. Gaddafi delcares jihad against ... Switzerland!


 After explaining the difference between jihad and terrorism, he calls on the faithful to conquer "infidel" Switzerland "for destroying the minarets of God". 

He made the call after the Swiss authorities arrested his son, Hannibal, and his wife for mistreating their servant in July 2009. A Swiss paper published Hannibal's mugshot, sparking a diplomatic crisis with Libya.

Top comment: "Can anyone tell me which smokes he uses? :)"

3. Coca Cola is African


While addressing the masses in an African country, Gaddafi declares that the carbonated drink is African and that its sale as Coca Cola and Pepsi is an imperialist plot.

Top comment: "I swear, your face is like a can of Coca Cola."

4. Gaddafi's "jet lag" UN General Assmebly speech

After presenting his solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict (one multi-national state called Isra-tine), he throws the White Book (tha he wrote on this solution) back as he leafs on.

Top comment: "How did this guy become a head of state?"

5. Gaddafi gets back at Saudi king at Arab League summit 

At the Doha 2009 summit of the Arab League, he interrupted the Qatari emir's speech to ask Saudi King Abdullah about why he wasn't answering his calls and why he had been "scared of confrontation". Gaddafi later listed his credits: "I am the leader of the revolution, the dean of Arab rulers, the king of the kings of Africa, and my international status does not allow me to go lower than that. Thanks."

Top comment: "Built-in stupidity."

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