Saturday, 19 February 2011

Libya update 1600 gmt, 19 Feb: Security deteriorates in Benghazi as protests move to Misratah, near Tripoli

An eye-witness from Benghazi,  Libya, confirmed on 19 February a state of lawlessness as African mercenaries unleashed wide looting and pillage campaign. 

The deployment of mercenaries in various parts of Libya was also confirmed by independent Libya al-Youm website. 

One (very graphic) video uploaded by "Revolution's Youth" group showed Libyans dragging a body of a mercenary after his killing in an attack on a military camp in Zintan, 75 miles south of Tripoli. 

Several accounts also reported the eruption of protests in Misratah, 210 km to the east of Tripoli. 

"More than 4,000 people in Misratah's main square shout: By god, By god, we will not let Benghazi down," said a member of a Facebook group.

Six-hour Internet shutdown

The news followed a six-hour internet shutdown in Libya on the night of 18-19 February. 

According to @Renesys blog: 

appears to have restored Internet connectivity as of 6:10 UTC (8:10 local time). Total downtime 6h52m. Welcome back."

Telecomix, a Europe-based group of internauts, set up several secure telephone lines for Libyans to connect using their own dialup modems. 

The numbers are:
User: Telecomix  - Password: Telecomix
 No explanation has been given to this strange behaviour, nor actual confirmation by the Libyan authorities. 

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