Monday, 12 September 2016

Palestinian President Abbas as a "KGB mole"

The news media have received with interest the leaked Israeli reports on the alleged role played by Mahmoud Abbas as a KGB agent inside the Palestine Liberation Organization, or the PLO. 

The timing of these allegations is suspicious. The news was reported following the apparent failure of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to host a meeting between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

However, it is worth looking closely at this issue from the Palestinian perspective. Below is a post I made on Reddit, explaining the context and the reasoning for such a role (assuming Abbas was indeed a KGB mole):

"Saying Abbas was a KGB agent is akin to saying the Red Prince (a famous PLO commander in the late 1970s) was working for the CIA. 

At that time the PLO was seeking recognition by any side. In their quasi-state status, the PLO offered help to a variety of countries: the USA, the USSR..etc. It is natural that such cooperation between a non-state actor (the PLO) would go through the intelligence services rather than the foreign ministries.

For example it is well known that the Red Prince's ties with the CIA resulted in saving many Americans from kidnapping in Lebanon during the civil war. These ties with the CIA were the main reason why Israel assassinated him, because they were interested in cutting off any possibility of collaboration or recognition of the PLO by the USA, according to ِAbu Dawud, the PLO commander who founded Black September.

I think it is under this context that Abbas may have had ties with the KGB.

If you look at the PLO now, you'll see they are doing the same thing. 

Reports showed that they helped the CIA nab an Al Qaeda operative in Libya known as Abu Anas al Libi in 2013. A similar activity was the role of the PLO in freeing two Swedish hostages from captivity in Syria in 2015. I was also told that the PLO has a huge anti-ISIS intelligence operation in Syria (probably to aid the French) but I can't confirm that myself.

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