Sunday, 27 February 2011

Arab revolutions animated

A group of Arab animators are now taking on Arab leaders with their satirical web-based shorts.

Kharabeesh, Arabic for scribbles, is currently producing a series called "the happy colonel". 

The shorts also have embedded English subtitles.

One animation shows a summary of one of Gaddafi speeches:

Another highlights Gaddafi's original plan to stage a protest to overthrow his government.

Kharabeesh was first based in Jordan, but now has extensions in Tunisia and other Gulf countries.

Previously, the group produced several shorts on Tunisia's Ben Ali and Egypt's Mubarak. One series usually extends over the period taken to overthrow a president. 

Its aim is to spread its content on the web only. "We have no plans to show our work on satellite channels."

Kharabeesh' engagement with the protests also saw the production of Bestikabo: Red-line Arab rap, and Husni Baby One More Time.

It appears that there were so many Arab revolts - from Iraq to Yemen to Morocco - that the creators at Kharabeesh could not keep pace with.

However, a Facebook page can be found here where you can view Kharabeesh's past and future productions.

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