Thursday, 24 February 2011

Libyan protestors publish new daily in Benghazi

A group of youths in Benghazi released yesterday the first issue of a new daily newspaper called "Libya" .

With a strapline that reads "we do not surrender, we either win or die", the paper provided updates on the situation in Benghazi and the jubilation over the end of Gaddafi's rule. 

These included articles on the help provided to refugees from Bneina, a commentary on Gaddafi's latest speech titled "the panic-stricken and the last speech", and reports about the work done by volunteers in the city. 

On its last page, "Libya" daily published recent pictures of Benghazi.

The paper does not appear to be available online as yet. But pdf versions were made available here and here.

The emergence of new media outlets in eastern Libya continues, after reports on the reception of opposition radio signals on the medium wave from Benghazi and Al-Bayda over the past few days.

The BBC also reported on the new media scene in eastern Libya. Read it here.

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